Ecowitt GW1104 Wi-Fi Gateway with MultiChannel Temperature & Humidity Sensor
The Ecowitt GW1104 WiFi gateway with WH31 multichannel temperature and humidity sensor is an ideal starter set for those that want to...
£19.00 - Special Offer
ALECTO Optical Smoke Detector SA-18 (3 pack)
Good fire prevention doesn’t have to cost the earth, the Alecto SA-18 proves this. Even for a small price you can...
Ecowitt HP2551 Large TFT Display & 7-in-1 Solar Powered Outdoor Sensor
The Ecowitt HP2551 weather station consists of the 7-in-1 sensor suite and large 7" TFT full colour display making it an advanced...
Ecowitt WH0290 Outdoor Air Quality Monitor with PM2.5 Sensor
The Ecowitt WH0290 outdoor air quality sensor with display helps you monitor your local environment. Using the WH41 outdoor sensor the Ecowitt WH0290...
Ecowitt WN34L Liquid Temperature Sensor
The Ecowitt WN34L digital water thermometer with waterproof sensor provides accurate and instant temperature information. Perfect for any wet temperature medium,...
£355.00 - Special Offer
Meteobridge Pro Red Data Logger
Meteobridge PRO Red consists of purpose designed hardware, in order to establish a whole new class of product, the Personal...
Ecowitt WH0291 Soil Moisture Sensor with LCD Display
The Ecowitt WH0291 soil moisture display and sensor measures soil moisture content within 72 seconds to let you know when to...
GARNI 545 line Colour Forecast Weather Station with USB
The GARNI 545 line colour wireless weather station offers a variety of measurements from both in and out of the...
Ecowitt TFT Console 8GB MicroSD High Endurance Memory Card
Ecowitt TFT Console 8GB MicroSD High Endurance Memory Card
High endurance 8GB MicroSD card specifically sourced for use with the Ecowitt HP2551 TFT Gateway or HP3500 TFT Gateway console...