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Davis WeatherLink Touchscreen HD Console 6313UK 

The WeatherLink Console revolutionises the way you access, analyse, and understand your hyperlocal weather data with its HD display an interactive touchscreen.

Customise the dynamic dashboard to be able to see up to 21 local weather parameters including inside and outside temperature and humidity, feels like temperature, wind speed and direction, rainfall rate, accumulation, barometric pressure along with UV and Solar radiation if you have these sensors.

All of your current and historical data is stores right on the WeatherLink console and can be viewed in table form or via a number of built in charts. You can also upload data to the Davis WeatherLink service to view and analyse on a PC or mobile device via the built in WiFi.

Weather is local to you, which is why a Daily forecast is also provided letting you know what to expect for the next 12 hours via an icon, and at the bottom of the screen a 24 to 48 hour ticket tape forecast is available. When connected to WiFi, the forecast is enhanced with detailed hourly and daily forecasts for the next 7 days.

As with all of the Davis consoles, alarms are included as standard with dozens of sounds and audible alarms which can trigger for given parameters.

Live weather streaming from Davis Instruments

WeatherLink Console is the easiest, fastest and most reliable way to stream weather data to the cloud without the need of a computer. The device collects data from a up to 8 Davis transmitters and sends the information to Davis WeatherLink Cloud automatically via Wi-Fi. 

Maximum flexibility

WeatherLink Console can receive data from any combination of up to 8 Davis transmitters located within a distance of 300 meters, including:

  • Vantage Vue integrated sensor suites.
  • Wireless Vantage Pro2 integrated sensor suites.
  • Wireless sensor transmitters with up to 5 sensors.
  • Wireless agricultural stations with up to 10 sensors.

    Online data monitoring

    Uploading your weather data to the Internet has never been simpler. WeatherLink Console does all the work, sending it directly to the WeatherLink 2.0 cloud service, so you do not need to have a computer, programming skills or to spend money on having your own website. The weather data can be monitored in real time from anywhere in the world through the WeatherLink website or mobile app. Data posted on WeatherLink Cloud can be shared with family, friends, weather enthusiasts or customers, as well as on the most popular weather networks like WeatherUnderground and CWOP.


    Customer Reviews

    Based on 3 reviews
    Behaving...At the Moment

    For the past 11 years I have used a Vantage Vue Console with a data logger direct to my Pc and it had plodded along. The Vantage Vue Console finally gave up on me (total power loss) so I opted for a new one as I was happy with the set up. However I liked the idea of having the data on line and being able to see what is happening via the Davis Phone App so I bought a Weatherlink Live Console from Weather Spares (Prompt delivery and great price) so I now have 2 consoles, the new Weatherlink Live Console and an old style Vantage Vue Console working off my Vantage Vue ISS.
    Setting up the Weatherlink Live Console was straightforward and it worked for about 12 hours before deciding to resynchronise with data loss whilst this was in progress. Over the next 5 days it resynchronised at various times with a loss of a data and the message "Console keeps closing down".After perusal of the Web I decided to move the Console into another room adjacent to my Vantage Vue Console and for the last 7 days it has worked correctly. It might have been my energy monitor interfering with it in the initial location but I wouldn't have expected intermittent failures.
    The console has an easy to read display but I feel that it is all a bit cumbersome.to access the data etc and, even now I like the original Vantage Vue Console better.
    In conjunction with a Davis Weatherlink Account (Pro) I like being able to see all my data On Line (Except when the Console resynchronises so there are gaps!) and the site seems a bit user unfriendly but I love the phone app for an instant appraisal.
    Overall I feel that my original Vantage Vue Console set up is best,but as far as I am aware, will no longer be supported by Davis. As for the future if the "Weatherlink Live" Stand Alone module is reliable then In my opinion that would be the best option in conjunction with a Davis Pro Account and looking at the real time situation on the app ,rather than bothering with the Weatherlink Console. At the moment I am only looking at the console to see if it is working (!!) and otherwise use I use the phone app.

    Steve Inglis
    Very Much a Work in Progress

    If you are expecting a typical polished Davis console like the Pro ir Vue young will be disappointed by this new console.
    It looks nice except for the horrible wind rose plunked in the centre.
    Davis obviously are very new to what I suppose is an Android box under the skin.
    Some functions plain don't work, sleep function for starters. Others take an age to react such that you tend to select it twice.
    Graphing is laughable compared to the Weatherlink for PC. in that you can only select 2 parameters, aided by a Save button that appears and disappears at complete random.
    Davis have not learned from either Windows or Android developers to provide a consistent interface to the user. How about a Back button for starters, hence you are never if you have saved any any change to a parameter.
    The speed of the interface also suggests that Davis have scrimped on the hardware leaving the user with a sluggish and buggy console.
    Buy it in 2 years time and it might be worth buying, but today stick with your old console

    A. Borriell-Barker
    Vast improvement

    Great love this console a vast improvement on th old Davi’s console. Looks better with a more modern look and feel to it
    Displays much more information and I like the way you can configure the screen
    Connectivity was no problem up and running in about ten minutes
    So yes overhaul performs well

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