Why not add an additional console to your Ecowitt weather equipment, or in addition to the GW1100 gateway that you may already have.

Exclusively to Weather Spares, Ecowitt provides modular weather and environmental monitoring equipment which can be linked to the internet for viewing everywhere on your existing mobile or tablet device. 

Ecowitt offers a truly modular system allowing for your system to grow with you. All our Ecowitt sensors and weather stations are 868MHz and licensed for use in the UK and Europe.

Ecowitt Weather Station Consoles

Ecowitt HP2550-C TFT Full Colour Display Console & Power Adapter Only
The Ecowitt HP2550-C comprises a large 7" TFT full colour display making it an advanced weather console with full internet access.  Unlike some...
Ecowitt TFT Console 8GB MicroSD High Endurance Memory Card
High endurance 8GB MicroSD card specifically sourced for use with the Ecowitt HP2551 TFT Gateway or HP3500 TFT Gateway console...
Ecowitt Rain Gauge Console for WH5360 or WH40
Replacement or additional console which can be used with the WH40 rain gauge. The WH40 rain gauge used with this...