Mother nature can be cruel when is comes to weather station electronics, cooking then in high summer at 50C with the full sun and freezing to -10C with a harsh winter. 

At Weather Spares we've got you covered. We stock a large range of spares and repair parts across the range of weather stations. Whether it be a small plastic clip that has been broken during maintenance to a larger replacement part or sensor.

If you cannot find what you are looking for, then please do contact us and we will do our upmost to help.

Spare & Repair Parts

GARNI 2055 Arcus Console Screen Only
A GARNI 2055 Arcus additional or replacement Wi-Fi weather station console for use with an existing integrated 7-in-1 wireless sensor suite. Key features: Inverse...
Ecowitt HP2550-C TFT Full Colour Display Console & Power Adapter Only
The Ecowitt HP2550-C comprises a large 7" TFT full colour display making it an advanced weather console with full internet access.  Unlike some...
Oregon Scientific RRA320PNX Projection Clock Console Only
Replacement console RRA320PNX only, does not include power supply or external sensor. You require the original power supply and external sensor...
Oregon Scientific BAR206X Console Only (Silver)
Oregon Scientific wireless weather station BAR206X display console only in silver. The Wireless Weather Station clearly displays the weather forecast,...
Ecowitt WH0291 Soil Moisture Sensor with LCD Display Weather Spares
Ecowitt WH0291 Display Screen only for Soil Moisture Sensor
The Ecowitt WH0291 soil moisture LCD display is suitable for use with the WH51 soil moisture sensor (not included). It...
Ecowitt WN1900 Mono Display Console / Gateway
Use an Ecowitt WN1900 as a simple compact display as well as a gateway to upload extensive data. The display offers all of the...
Ecowitt  Rain Gauge Console for WH5360 or WH40 Weather Spares
Ecowitt Rain Gauge Console for WH5360 or WH40
Replacement or additional console which can be used with the WH40 rain gauge. The WH40 rain gauge used with this...