Mother nature can be cruel when is comes to weather station electronics, cooking then in high summer at 50C with the full sun and freezing to -10C with a harsh winter. 

At Weather Spares we've got you covered. We stock a large range of spares and repair parts across the range of weather stations. Whether it be a small plastic clip that has been broken during maintenance to a larger replacement part or sensor.

If you cannot find what you are looking for, then please do contact us and we will do our upmost to help.

Spare & Repair Parts

Davis Vantage Pro2 ISS Digital Temperature & Humidity Sensor SHT31 7346.070
The latest and most accurate Davis digital temperature and humidity sensor for the Vantage Pro2 range of external sensor suites...
£59.00 - Special Offer
Davis Vantage Pro2 Rain Tipping Spoon upgrade 7345.147
Davis Vantage Pro2 Rain Tipping Spoon upgrade 7345.147 released mid 2019. A redesigned rain tipping spoon assembly which improves accuracy and...
Davis AeroCone Rain Collector with logo 6462
Davis AeroCone Collector with Anti-bird spikes and locking debris screen. Introducing the Davis 6462 AeroCone a new and and improved...
£58.00 - Special Offer
Davis Vantage Pro2 FARS Fan 7758
Replacement fan for the daytime or 24 hour FARS unit as used on the Davis Vantage Pro2. 
Davis Vantage Pro2 Metric Rain Tipping Bucket Assembly 7345.444
Replacement Davis Vantage Pro2 metric twin rain tipping bucket assembly 7345.444  Simply remove the existing see-saw assembly of the Pro2 and clip this...
Davis Vantage Pro2 Rain Tipping Assembly with base for ISS 7852.806
Davis tipping bucket base, with aluminium swing arm assembly and electronics all mounted on the black ISS base ready to mount other...
Davis Vantage Pro2 ISS solar panel cover for daytime FARS unit 7345.116
This replacement front cover for the Davis Vantage Pro2 unit runs the ISS and also the fan aspirated radiation unit...
£69.00 - Special Offer
Davis Vantage Pro2 24 hour FARS fan and battery set 7758B
This set of replacement parts includes the Davis fan and much enhanced set of NiMH batteries for the Davis Vantage Pro2...
Davis Vantage Pro2 ISS Radiation Shield 7710
Ideal replacement for a damaged or discoloured radiation screen that may no longer be functioning as efficiently as it should. ...
Davis Vantage Pro2 24 hour FARS Solar Panel 7345.119 Weather Spares
£76.00 - Special Offer
Davis Vantage Pro2 24 hour FARS Solar Panel 7345.119
Replacement Davis solar panel and metal bracket designed specifically for the Davis Vantage Pro2 24 hour FARS system.
Davis Front Hinged Shelter Door with Large Solar Panel 7345.086
Large housing front cover with solar panel suitable as a replacement for the following stations: Anemometer Transmitter. Temperature Station Temperature...
Davis Vantage Pro2 Super Capacitor Replacement 25F Repair Service
It's commonly known that the Davis Integrated Sensor Suite (ISS) has a backup power supply to keep it running overnight...
Davis AirLink Replacement PM Sensor Kit 7220
Davis replacement sensor for AirLink air quality particle sensor. After an extended time of use the particulate sensor in the AirLink...
Ecowitt Ultrasonic Anemometer Heater Power Supply (no LV cable)
Ecowitt Ultrasonic Anemometer Heater Power Supply (no LV cable)
Replacement heater power supply for the Ecowitt Ultrasonic anemometer range. Supplied with a UK / EU plug.  This UK power pack is suitable...
Davis Vantage Pro2 Rain Tipping Spoon with 12m cable 7345.439
Davis Vantage Pro2 Rain Tipping Spoon 7345.439 with 12m cable for all standalone rain collectors. A redesigned rain tipping spoon...
Davis Daytime FARS Main Support Plate
Davis Daytime only FARS main support plate for the fan and lower radiation shield parts.
Davis Digital Temperature & Humidity Sensor with 7.6m (25ft) Cable 7346.221
This is a digital temperature / humidity sensor with a 7.6m (25 ft) cable suitable for use with Davis Vantage Pro2...
Davis Vantage Connect Shelter Door with Solar Panel 7345.414
Replacement hinged door with full solar panel for use with the Vantage Connect range of shelters. Suitable for use with...
£70.00 - Special Offer
Davis Vantage Pro Refurbished Console Screen
Broken or damaged Vantage Pro LCD console screen? Very rarely available as a replacement part, this console screen is suitable...
Davis Vantage Pro2 Antenna Repair Service (UK/EU only)
Davis replacement 868MHz Antenna for Pro2 or Vue console, or externals ISS including installation. This repair service is suitable for...
£48.00 - Special Offer
Davis Hinged Cover and Shelter Rear with Gasket
Replacement Front and Rear Housing with Rubber Gasket and Cable Seal Grommets. Brand new and unused product used for a variety of Vantage...