Mother nature can be cruel when is comes to weather station electronics, cooking then in high summer at 50C with the full sun and freezing to -10C with a harsh winter. 

At Weather Spares we've got you covered. We stock a large range of spares and repair parts across the range of weather stations. Whether it be a small plastic clip that has been broken during maintenance to a larger replacement part or sensor.

If you cannot find what you are looking for, then please do contact us and we will do our upmost to help.

Spare & Repair Parts

£209.00 - Special Offer
Davis Vantage Pro2 Wireless ISS Transmitter 7345.952
Replacement Wireless Vantage Pro2 ISS PCB which includes the rear plastic mounting case and connected antenna. Wireless model for use...
GARNI 2055 Arcus Console Screen Only
A GARNI 2055 Arcus additional or replacement Wi-Fi weather station console for use with an existing integrated 7-in-1 wireless sensor suite. Key features: Inverse...
Ecowitt HP2550-C TFT Full Colour Display Console & Power Adapter Only
The Ecowitt HP2550-C comprises a large 7" TFT full colour display making it an advanced weather console with full internet access.  Unlike some...
Davis Vantage Pro2 Metric DFARS Tune Up Kit 6997MX
Give your Vantage Pro2 with Daytime FARS a complete tune up to extend its life.Includes everything you need: Lithium Battery...
£229.00 - Special Offer
Davis Vantage Vue Integrated Sensor Suite PCBA Rev M (UK / EU / OV) 7345.917
A replacement internal PCBA for use with Vantage Vue sensor suites that have an all in one internal sensor PCB system. These...
Davis Vantage Pro2 console wireless PCB (UK / EU) 7345.047 Weather Spares
£210.00 - Special Offer
Davis Vantage Pro2 wireless console PCB (UK / EU) 7345.047
Davis Vantage Pro2 wireless console PCB  A replacement wireless Vantage Pro2 console PCB assembly for models of the console with...
£165.00 - Special Offer
Davis Vantage Pro2 Metric Tune Up Kit 6997M
Give your Vantage Pro2 a complete tune up to extend its life.Includes everything you need: Lithium Battery Rain Collector Tipping...
Davis Vantage Vue bare ISS only, see description 6357OV (S)
Meant as a replacement for customers that already have their wind cups, wind vane and rain tipping spoon from an...