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£695.00 - Special Offer
Davis Vantage Pro2 Wireless Weather Station 6152UK
Now with 2 year warranty and new tipping spoon Davis Vantage Pro2 wireless with Standard Radiation Shield the latest model with improved...
TFA DROP Wireless Rain Gauge 47.3005.01
With the wireless rain gauge DROP, you will be informed about three reading values at the same time: the rainfall,...
£154.00 - Special Offer
Ventus W830 Weather Station WiFi Internet & Colour Forecast
The Ventus W830 weather station allows you to monitor your weather remotely as it uploads data to Weather Underground, Weather Cloud and...
Ecowitt HP2551 Large TFT Display & 7-in-1 Solar Powered Outdoor Sensor
The Ecowitt HP2551 weather station consists of the 7-in-1 sensor suite and large 7" TFT full colour display making it an advanced...
£59.00 - Special Offer
Bresser Professional Rain Gauge with Temperature 7002530
For all ambitious amateur gardeners and meteorologists who are not satisfied with average values of the weather services, the digital...
Oregon Scientific BAR206X Weather Station with Temperature & Forecast (Silver)
Oregon Scientific wireless weather station BAR206X in silver. The Wireless Weather Station clearly displays the weather forecast, radio controlled clock,...