Davis Temperature Parts

Davis Vantage Pro2 ISS Digital Temperature & Humidity Sensor SHT31 (7346.070)
The latest and most accurate Davis digital temperature and humidity sensor for the Vantage Pro2 range of external sensor suites...
£62.70 £58.00
Davis Vantage Pro2 FARS Fan (7758)
Replacement fan for the daytime or 24 hour FARS unit as used on the Davis Vantage Pro2. 
Davis Vantage Pro2 / Vue Temperature / Humidity Cap Filter (7345.041)
This replacement screen for the temperature / humidity sensor fits the Vantage Pro, Pro2 and Vue weather stations and is...
£79.80 £69.00
Davis Vantage Pro2 FARS replacement fan and battery set (7758B)
This set of replacement parts includes the Davis fan and much enhanced set of NiMH batteries for the Davis Vantage Pro2...
Replacement Davis SHT15 Temperature/Humidity Chip (self install)
This self install surface mounted SHT15 temperature and humidity sensor is a direct replacement for the SHT11 unit found in...
Davis Digital Temperature & Humidity Sensor with 7.6m (25ft) Cable (7346.221)
This is a digital temperature / humidity sensor with a 7.6m (25 ft) cable suitable for use with Davis Vantage Pro2...
Davis 24 Hour FARS Sensor Mounting Plate (7353.065)
Davis 24 Hour FARS Temperature Humidity Sensor Mounting Plate including plastic mounting pillars.
Replacement of Davis Temperature/ Humidity Sensor Chip (repair)
Our service includes replacement of surface mounted temperature sensor, full testing to ensure it sends data from own intergrated sensor...