Oregon Scientific THN132N Wireless Temperature Sensor OEM

Oregon Scientific THN132N Wireless Temperature Sensor OEM


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Oregon Scientific Temperature only wireless sensor THN132N (OEM) - this sensor does not display a humidity reading on models numbers below containing an H. Additional or replacement temperature o......

Oregon Scientific Temperature only wireless sensor THN132N (OEM) - this sensor does not display a humidity reading on models numbers below containing an H.

  • Additional or replacement temperature only sensor
  • Splash proof design
  • Measures outdoor temperature only
  • 3 channel sensor 433MHz (protocol 2)
  • LED transmission indicator
  • Includes 1 x AA battery
  • Electronic manual (below).

As an OEM product, this item is not in retail packaging and does not include paper instructions but these are available here. Note that all console models ending X (bar one) are not compatible. 

    The 3 channel temperature only sensor is compatible with the following models:

    • BAR206
    • BAR223P
    • BAR266
    • BAR292
    • BAR368P
    • BAR369P
    • BAR800
    • BAR806
    • Celsius (EMR211X) 
    • EMR201
    • EMR211
    • RAR501
    • RMR221P
    • RMR262
    • RMR329
    • RMR331ES
    • RMR332ES
    • RMR391P
    • RMR500ES
    • RRM222P
    • WMH601
    • WMH800
    • WMR928N
    • BAR210
    • BAR386
    • BAR332ES
    • BAR339P
    • BAR626
    • BAR636
    • BAR686
    • BAR801
    • BAR806
    • RAR621
    • RAR681
    • RAR813
    • RGR202
    • RMR202
    • RMR329P
    • RMR682
    • RMR291
    • RMR500ES
    • RMR802
    • RRM320P
    • RRM902

    The models below are also suitable, but will only display temperature from this sensor

    • BAR383HG*
    • BAR388HG*
    • BAR908HG*
    • BAR808HG*
    • RAR213HG*
    • RMR203HG*

    Models marked * may require a sensor that also sends humidity such as a THGN132N or THGR122NX. Please contact us with your weather station model number for confirmation.

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      • I cannot see information from my new sensor on the console.

        Please ensure that the old faulty sensor has had the batteries removed to avoid interference.

        Oregon consoles need to be forced to ‘search’ for the new sensor. Please consult your manual to complete this process. Or contact us with the model number from the rear of the console if you no longer have this for additional help.

      • Will this sensor work with an MTR101 console?

        Unfortunately the MTR101 will only work with a THN128 or THR128 sensor which was discontinued over 10 years ago. This sensor would not be suitable.

      • My console appears to be receiving a signal from the sensor but no temperature is displayed. I have changed the battery and the sensor light flashes occasionally. Does this mean I need to replace the sensor.

        After changing the batteries in an Oregon sensor, most consoles need to be paired again. This should be detailed in the Oregon manual, we have these online within our Help menu.

      • Is this the right sensor for a Oregon Scientific BAR206 weather station ?

        Yes, this is the same as the sensor originally supplied with the BAR206

      • Is this compatible with a BAR208HG model

        Oregon list this as suitable, however, it will not display outdoor humidity on the console.

      • Is this sensor compatible with the BAR289 weather station?

        Yes, this is listed as compatible on the Oregon website http://weather.oregonscientific.com/sensors/en/default.asp However, you may have to set the time manually as this sensor does not receive the time signal.


        We would need to know the console model number to check suitability before we could advise if this was a suitable replacement.

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