Meteobridge NANO SD Data Logger 2GB Weather Spares

Meteobridge NANO SD Data Logger 2GB


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NANO SD, a NANO with Meteobridge Pro features. 2GB of Local Data Storage. The fundamental difference compared to a regular NANO is that the NANO SD has 2GB of permanent storage while the NANO just ......
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NANO SD, a NANO with Meteobridge Pro features.

2GB of Local Data Storage.

The fundamental difference compared to a regular NANO is that the NANO SD has 2GB of permanent storage while the NANO just has 16 MB onboard flash mostly covered by the operating system and the application programs. Equipped with 2GB the NANO SD can hold about 20 years of data. NANO SD holds data for last 72 hours in a per minute resolution and older data in a per hour resolution. Hourly data can be inspected and edited through the NANO web interface. So it just needs a few clicks to select a sensor and the year, month and day to inspect. Data can be changed by simply clicking onto the corresponding value in the table at the bottom. When you change a value on per hour level, the changes will also be propagated to affected data of the day, month and year automatically. This makes handling of logged data rather intuitive and you don't need separate tools for it.

NANO SD also allows to export data of user-defined time frames in various time resolutions. Specification of year, month, day is done in the upper part first. Then you can select a template that defines the structure of the export in the middle part. By pressing one of the export buttons a CSV data export is generated in the export folder of the microSD card. To transfer this data to your PC for follow-up processing or archiving you don't have to move the microSD card, but simply mount the NANO SD as a PC network share. This works natively on PC, Mac or Linux clients. That way the data store of the NANO can be used by all computers in your home network.

Generating Graphs

The NANO SD can generate powerful interactive charts based on the data stored locally. All you need to do is to select a chart type and time period to inspect and a time resolution. Having done so it just takes a few seconds for the chart to show up. When you move the cursor into the chart area a vertical ruler provides information about the point in time selected and data boxes for all sensors will show numerical data. Furthermore, you can customise the charts by clicking onto the sensors. This will activate or deactivate display of the touched sensor. The handles at time line's start and end can be moved to zoom in to areas that need further inspection. 

These charts are not restricted to be shown in the NANO's web interface only. They can be requested as html responses from within your network or from the Internet (when remote access is enabled) by calling one of the specified link URLs. You can also store a self-contained copy of the chart to the chart folder of your microSD card by pressing the "Export to charts folder" button and from there it is shared as a piece of javascripted HTML in your network. 


Data export and chart generation are based on templates stored in the template folder of your NANO SD. Therefore, the output format is not hard coded but can be adapted to your needs. 



Supplied with:

  • Meteobridge NANO SD 2GB
  • Instruction leaflet


Many more details on the NANO SD can be found on the Meteobridge web page here.

The manual supplied with the Meteobridge NANO can be viewed by clicking here.

Hardware specification:

  • Size: 35mm x 30mm x 10mm (width x height x depth), fits in to the expansion module compartment at the back of the console under the back cover
  • Weight: 10g
  • Up to 300 mA power demand (at 5 V)
  • Operating temperatures: 0 - 50°C, non-condensing
  • WiFi 2.4 GHz, 802.11g/n, internal chip antenna
  • VoCore2 CPU board
  • Mediatek 7628 AN SOC
  • 580 MHz, 128 MB RAM / 16 MB flash
  • Status LED, reset button
  • 6-pin header maintenance port
  • CE and RoHS conform
  • FCC compliant (contains FCC ID 2AC4R-VOCOREV2)

Customer Reviews

Based on 3 reviews
Amazing features - very good data logger

Great price from Weatherspares and very fast/efficient service. I have bought items from other UK weather websites but for me Weatherspares are the best for value for money and Customer Service.
The Nano SD plugs into the back of my Davis Pro Console. You get some installation instructions provided which are all you need to get started. Then head over to the Meteobridge wiki for the finer details.
I have the standard Davis pro Weather Station with an additional Temp/Humidity sensor. I have been using the Nano for over a month now. According to the Nano I have 19,6 years of data storage space left on the card!
The Nano does get a little warm and thus affects the internal temperature reading on the Console. ( Keep in mind just having the background Lamp on does this too!) Yet this is easily remedied by setting an offset for the internal temperature value in the settings. For me an offset of -7C works fine.
I highly recommend the Nano SD to log and manage your Weather data.

Henri Pike
A little tricky to get running, but that's me

I'm a bit of a technology luddite, but managed to get this running with some help from Weather Spares. It is very useful to see readings when away from my cabin.

Harrison S
Just keeps on getting better

I bought this from the UK last fall and am really pleased. There are always little updates and tweaks from the manufacturer adding extra services and features. Support is excellent and the latest live Weather34 dashboard is brilliant. They now even record Davis AirLink values.

I'm so pleased that you like this product. We have not included a screen capture of the new Weather34 template which is available on the NANO SD.

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