GARNI 750 Weather Station with 7-in-1 Sensor

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GARNI 750 weather station with integrated wireless sensor 7 in 1 Sensor

The GARNI 750 is equipped with a variety of sensors for information on the current weather conditions along with forecast icons. The integrated wireless sensor operates at a frequency of 868 MHz and a measures temperature, relative humidity, wind speed, direction, UV, solar radiation and rainfall. 

The console has an easy to read LCD display with a trend graph. Other information includes weather forecast, indoor and outdoor temperature, barometric pressure / rainfall / indoor and outdoor temperature / humidity, wind speed, direction, the amount of rainfall, UV index and solar radiation time and date.

The console also has a memory for minimum and maximum readings with time and date of recording and values measured over the past 24 hours. It is also possible to set different alarms. The time and date are automatically set from the the DCF time signal with a time zone option for local adjustment.

Indoor temperature  -5°C to 50°C 
Resolution of internal temperature 0.1 ° C
External temperature -40°C to 60°C 
Resolution of external temperature 0.1 ° C
Internal rel. humidity measurement / tolerance 20% to 90% (below 40%  or over 71% ± 8%, 41% to 70% ± 5%)
Resolution of internal relative humidity 1%
External rel. humidity measurement / tolerance 1% to 99% (below 20% or over 81% ± 6.5%, 21% to 80% ± 3.5% (SENSIRION)
Resolution of external relative humidity 1%
Bar. pressure measurement / tolerance 540 to 1,100hPa (540 to 696hPa ± 8 hPa, 700 to 1100hPa ± 5hPa)
Resolution of barometric pressure measurement 1 hPa, 0.01 inHg, 0.1 mmHg
Wind speed measurement  0 to 50 m/s
Wind direction measurement Yes
Resolution of wind direction 16 positions over 360°
Measuring rainfall yes, current (for the past hour), hourly total, daily total, weekly total, monthly total and total
Resolution of rainfall 0.1 mm, accuracy ± 7%, or 1 rocker tilt
UV radiation  1 to 16
Graph graph of barometric pressure development over the past 24 hours
Moon phase Yes
Principle of weather forecasts based on atmospheric pressure changes.
Absolute / relative barometric pressure display Yes / Yes
Weather forecast icons 6 (sunny, partly cloudy, cloudy, rain, thunderstorms, snowfall)
Signal range up to 150m unobstructed
Sensor transmission interval 12 seconds
Transmission frequency of wireless sensors 868 MHz
Memory for MAX and MIN measured values display of maximum and minimum values ​​of indoor and outdoor temperature and relative humidity, sensory temperature, Wind Chill, temperature index, dew point, barometric pressure, maximum average wind speed and gust and maximum precipitation intensity, maximum UV index, maximum values ​​of solar radiation intensity with time
Alarm for high and low temperature / humidity Yes
Other alarms alarm for total hourly precipitation
average wind speed alarm
Stormy warning yes weather forecast icon
Heat index yes, internal 3 icons
Dew point value yes, outdoor
Other functions -alarm function Pre-alarm - the alarm is activated 30 minutes earlier if the outdoor temperature is lower than -3 ° C
description of wind strength level (LIGHT - light, MODERATE - mild, STRONG - strong, STORM - storm),
-display of measured values ​​for the past 24 hours per hour
-display of outdoor sensory temperature, outdoor temperature index
Date yes, controlled by DCF-77 signal 
Time yes, controlled by DCF-77 signal with -1 hour for UK use
Date format 12/24 hours
Alarm Yes
Snooze yes, after 5 minutes
Dimensions of main unit LCD 90 x 110 mm, LCD
Display Illumination yes, short-term orange colour for 5 s
Wireless sensor display No
Power supply display unit 3 x AA batteries 1.5V (not included)
integrated sensor 3 x AA batteries 1.5V (not included)
Overall dimensions display unit 118 x 192.5 x 21 mm (without support stand)
integrated sensor 343.5 x 393.5 x 136 mm
Weight main unit 306 g without batteries
integrated sensor 615 g without batteries
Colour main unit black
integrated light grey sensor, black wind cups
Option to stand / hang up the sensor main unit yes / yes
integrated sensor yes / no, possibility of mounting on a mast or on a flat surface
Rainfall needed for first measurement 0.4 mm (0.0157 inch)
Light intensity measurement 0 to 200 Klux
Resolution of light intensity Klux, Kfc and W / m² (1 decimal place), lux (integer)
Number of Channels 3
Display of the Wind Chill value Yes
Rainfall measurement range 0 - 9999 mm

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