Oregon Scientific Weather Station Help

With Oregon Scientific being one of our most popular brands we receive a large number of requests about the product and sensors. To save time in awaiting for a reply to your question we recommend you read these notes from Oregon Scientific before contacting us:

  1. Remove the batteries and AC power from the display console and sensor(s)
  2. Remove the batteries from any OLD sensor you have if this is a replacement
  3. Ensure that the sensor is on channel 1 if this is your only sensor
  4. Temporarily bring the sensor within 2 meters of the display console
  5. Insert batteries into the sensor and press the reset button with a blunt item (open paperclip) the red transmit LED should blink initially for a second and then briefly each minute(*)
  6. Insert batteries into the display console and the AC power if available
  7. Within 2 minutes the sensor information should appear on the display console

(*) If the sensor LED does not come on initially, or blink each minute ensure that the batteries are working, we recommend Alkaline in warmer climates or Lithium for sub-zero conditions. If the LED still does not blink, please contact us.

The display console should be placed at least 2m (6 feet) away from sources that could interfere with reception of radio signals such as TVs, satellite boxes or internet routers.