Components to either create your own, or buy the kit of prepared parts ready to monitor air quality via the project. 

Already there are a number of sensors throughout the UK measure air quality with sensors capable of measuring 10um and 2.5um (PM10 and PM2.5) particles.  A human hair is on average 60um and generally soot, dust and pollen is 10um with combustable items, mould spores being 2.5um.

Air Quality Monitoring

Pipe enclosure 75mm diameter (x2)
Two black 75mm diameter push fit pipe with rubber seal to ensure water tight enclosure. Perfect diameter to enclose the...
Luftdaten Fine Particle and Pollution Air Quality Monitoring Kit
We're putting together all of the pieces and instructions required to setup your own pollution / fine dust sensor. Everything...
SDS011 Laser Fine Dust Sensor 10um / 2.5um
Used as part of the air quality monitoring kit, this sensor takes air samples every two minutes as instructed by...
Flexible PVC pipe 25cm length
A length of 6mm diameter pipe to connect to the particle sensor to allow it to draw air samples from...
UK USB Power Adapter 5v
USB Power adapter to provide power to the NodeMCU for air quality readings. 220v / UK Colour may vary dependant...
Micro USB to USB 2.0 cable 5m black
5m black Micro USB cable to connect from the NodeMCU controller to a 5v USB power supply.  This cable is...
Dupont Connecting cables 20cm (set of 7)
A set of 7 individual coloured 20cm Dupont cables which allow easy connection from the sensors to the NodeMCU controller....
DHT22 Temperature & Humidity Sensor
Used as part of the air quality monitoring kit, this sensor takes temperature and humidity readings as instructed by the...
NodeMCU ESP8266, CPU/WLAN Controller
The NodeMCU is a pre-programmed controlled that has software loaded onto it to take readings from a dust sensor, temperature,...