Time for a Spring Clean?

Posted by Adrian Hales on
Time for a Spring Clean?

Along with many parts of western Europe we've had a fairly settled couple of weeks in March. With gentle southerly or south easterly winds, warm early spring sunshine and then of course the problems that can go with this.

Not only did we have a spell of Sahara sand drifting across many parts of the UK on 16th March, but then very high pollution under the centre of a High pressure system that will leave us during the next few days.

It's going to be a good weekend to be able to give your rain gauge a wipe and clear away both of these. On the Davis Pro2 stations the rain gauge can be unplugged from the transmitter and given a good clean.

For others the tipping mechanism can normally be held level whilst a wet cloth is used to clear the dirt and grime before a dry one is used to finish off the job. 

Rain funnels should washed, the feed hole cleaned and also have debris screens rinsed to remove grime.

Any extra weight in a rain gauge tipping spoon can cause an early tip and higher than normal rain being recorded.

See something unusual or out of the ordinary with your rain gauge, drop us a message or even a photo and we'll try and help you out.

Also don't forget to pop those clocks forward one hour tonight as we look forward to British summer time.

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