Reduce, Reuse, Recycle....

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Reduce, Reuse, Recycle.... Weather Spares

We've been carefully managing our environmental impact over the past year and have taken a number of steps to improve this which we would like to share.

Reduce - we always pack products in appropriate sized unbleached cardboard boxes using the minimum amount of packaging, but still keeping your order safe. We use the minimum amount of tape to hold to packets together and where possible gummed paper tape.

Reuse - did your delivery box not look pristine? Well that may well be because we used a box or internal packaging that was sent to us. This might include inflated bubble bags or paper packaging from our suppliers.

Recycle - All of our cardboard packaging is fully recyclable. The packing peanuts (or as we affectionately call them watsits) are corn starch based and can be composted. We also use paper padding around smaller items, again easily recyclable.  You may also find the occasional sheet of green coloured bubble wrap which is biodegradable. The material has been impregnated with additives to speed up the degradation process.

We're still searching for some solutions - On large parcels we do use polythene postal bags, made from partly recycled material. 

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