Our first station maintenance reminder.

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Our first station maintenance reminder.

After a mainly dry and warm September, October has hit us with a true taste of Autumn. Gales, heavy rain and cooler temperature are truly with us.

Now of course is a good time to prepare for the harsher weather with a few tips preparing your weather station for more inclement weather.

Firstly the anemometer:

  • Ensure that the cups are rotating freely and tighten these with the manufacturers Allen key or small screw driver depending on the model.
  • Carefully clear them of any spider webs, a favourite of autumn and a careful wipe with a soft cloth with help remove any of these.
  • The same applies to the wind vane.

Secondly the rain gauge:

  • With wetter weather on the cards, ensure that the rain cone is free of debris and the exit hole is clear of grit, grime and general muck.
  • Most models allow for the cone to be removed and the measuring spoon(s) to be carefully wiped with a damp tissue. The extra weight of grit and grime will cause the spoon to tip sooner and record higher than expected rainfall.
  • Again a general wipe and clean of cobwebs from around the measuring mechanism will ensure it tips as it should.

Items to consider are our replacement rain cone filters which we have for Davis  specifically and from Ecowitt fitting a range of manufacturers equipment. These will help keep the rain cone exit hole clear of the coming leaf drop in autumn.

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