Has it been over 30C today? Will it hit 40C soon?

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Has it been over 30C today? Will it hit 40C soon?

There is a huge amount of hype in the media about the heatwave and particularly that the temperature will break 30C during this week and possibly 40C in the next 7 days. There is really only one way to know this and that's with your own weather station or monitoring equipment.

The image is from our Ecowitt GW1101 station which records outdoor temperature and apparent temperature amongst other variables. It even gives you the minimum, maximum and average temperature over the given period (32.2C today maximum).

We have many stations that record temperature and humidity and some have 20% off a TFA shelter to keep the sensor shaded from direct sun as those forecasts you see in the media are in the shade temperatures. 

Stay hydrated and safe over the next few weeks as temperature rise and don't forget we have lightning sensors too for when it all ends with a thunderstorm.


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