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Meteobridge Pro Red Data Logger

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Meteobridge PRO Red consists of purpose designed hardware, in order to establish a whole new class of product, the Personal Weather Server. Meteobridge PRO comes in a small package with a low power......
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Meteobridge PRO Red consists of purpose designed hardware, in order to establish a whole new class of product, the Personal Weather Server.

Meteobridge PRO comes in a small package with a low power footprint of 1-2 Watts, internal data storage of 1GB, LAN and WiFi capabilities, a graphic OLED display, 2 external USB ports and integrated RF capability to receive data directly from Davis Instruments sensors. 

Autonomous - Meteobridge PRO is operated by your browser, so you don't have to install anything on a PC and can be uses with any desktop, laptop or tablet. With the browser you configure the Meteobridge PRO initially. Once configured to your needs the Meteobridge PRO works totally independent from your PC, which takes the burden of having a PC up and running all the time to monitor weather data away from you. It is an autonomous, low power solution that takes care of your weather station data.

Being connected to a Davis Vantage Pro2 or Vue weather station, the Meteobridge PRO Red can upload your weather station data to the following Internet weather networks, where you are part of a weather community and get your data visualised in various ways:

  • Weather Underground
  • Weather Underground Camera
  • WeatherBug Backyard
  • WeatherForYou
  • UK MetOffice WOW / WOW NL
  • Teere-NetOpen Weather Map
  • Weather Cloud
  • Windfinder
  • Windguru
  • Idokep
  • Weatherflow
  • Previmeteo
  • Anything Weather
  • Meteonews
  • Meteoplug Cloud Graphing
  • Meteobridge Weather CAM
  • Wetterring
  • Weathercloud
  • Ambientweather Network
  • Agroclima


Uploads / Sending - Beside feeding weather networks Meteobridge PRO allows you to pull your weather data in short intervals to your own server in the Internet. This can be done by FTP, SFTP, HTTP, HTTPS or even using mySQL requests. You also can send weather data by email or can twitter your data. Which data to send or upload and at which intervals is completely under your control.

Web-Templates - Meteobridge PRO can feed the most popular webpage templates ("Leuven“, "Saratoga“, "Home Weather Station“, "Meteotemplate“ and "WD-Live“) and makes it easy to set up your individual Internet weather web page easy.

Conditions - Meteobridge PRO can even act on user-defined sensor data conditions and initiate any of the actions mentioned above (like email) when sensor data matches conditions defined by you. Having multiple ways to upload and send data, controlled by user-defined conditions gives you an extremely flexible tool to make things happen based on sensor data.

Remote Access - Meteobridge PRO offers the ability to be reached from the Internet by simply setting a mark on the web interface. Doing so you are provided with an Internet URL where you can reach your Meteobridge PRO. No changes at your firewall and router are needed. It just works, unless you are in a company-grade LAN where packet filtering is applied or other special measures are taken. This feature is extremely helpful when you are on travel or the Meteobridge is located in a remote location and you want to check things or change settings. Your Meteobridge remains protected by the password you gave it.

Display - Meteobridge PRO has a 128x64 pixel black/white display at the front, which is used during boot to show boot progress and the IP address it has been given by the router. This display is user programmable and can also be used to show data of station sensors. You can define distinct pages to show up on the display. 

Storage - Meteobridge PRO comes with an internal database that can store up to 1GB of weather station data, which allows records for more than a decade. Data can be inspected, edited and deleted via the Meteobridge PRO web interface, which also gives a graphical overview about data of a specified sensor in a year's, month's or day's time range. Meteobridge PRO can directly make use of stored data when uploading information, so this can feed your web server with any kind of sensor data for any period in time. Therefore, you are not stuck to predefined templates but can design your internet weather presence as you like.

Sharing - Meteobridge PRO allows export of stored weather data in a CSV like format. Which data to export and for what period in time is user-defined. This allows you to export just the data you need. Meteobridge PRO makes data exports accessible by providing a samba share (windows network folder) that every PC in your LAN can easily mount as a network folder.

Monitoring - Meteobridge PRO has an internal power monitoring that measures support voltage and power usage of the Meteobridge PRO itself and all connected USB devices. This is extremely handy, when Meteobridge PRO is running in a battery powered environment, as it can monitor and even act on power conditions. It also allows you to check if your setup is being “as green” as expected.

SMS / Twitter – Meteobridge PRO can send SMS via service provider "messagebird“. Meteobridge PRO is not limited to SMS but can also send weather information via twitter.

Graphs – Meteobridge PRO can show line graphs of the recorded weather data. Engine used for this is the class- leading chart engine from “amcharts”. These graphs are fully interactive. You can touch the timeline to expand or shrink the time period being displayed. When the cursor moves over the graph textual data pops up. Data can be shown or hidden by clicking on the items in the legend. Different kind of information can be shown in vertically stacked panels that share the same time line. You can inspect the graphs from within the Meteobridge PRO web interface or you can upload the graphs via FTP to your web server. Integration into your home page is most easy as the graphs are self- contained, you don’t have to install additional libraries on your web server. 


  • Meteobridge PRO Red
  • USB international power adapter for use in United Kingdom, Europe, USA, Australia and New Zealand
  • 2 x antennas


Hardware Specification

  • Size: 57mm x 27mm x 95mm (width x height x depth) without antennas
  • Weight: 130g (with antennas)
  • Operating temperatures: 0 - 40°C, non-condensing
  • 100 / 10Mbit Ethernet port
  • WiFi 2.4 GHz, 802.11g/n (right SMA male connector on back panel)
  • RF-Sensor reception in 868-915 MHz band (left SMA female connector on back panel)
  • External power supply (incl. plugs for US, EU, UK, Australasia) with micro USB connector
  • Full size USB female connector on front panel
  • Micro USB female connector on back panel
  • Black/white OLED with 128 x 64 pixels to display status information and user defined data
  • Reset pin hole
  • 4 LEDs on front panel, indicating
    • RF sensor reception (red / orange)
    • System operational (red)
    • Network traffic (yellow)
    • Sensor data stored (green)
  • Internal components
    • Carambola 2 computing module (AR9331 SoC, 16MB Flash, 64 MB RAM)
    • 4 port USB hub
    • Voltage / power monitoring IC (INA220)
    • Barometer IC (BMP180)
    • Temperature / humidity IC (SHT21)
    • Low volume signalling buzzer
    • 1 GB USB connected permanent storage (industrial grade ATP SLC NANODURA USB stick)

Receives data from all regions of Davis Vantage Pro2 and Vue weather sensors.

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