Ecowitt WH51 GW1100 bundle

Ecowitt GW1106 Soil Moisture Sensor & Wi-Fi Gateway

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The Ecowitt WH51 Soil Moisture Sensor and GW1100 WiFi gateway makes an ideal starter set for those that wish to monitor soil conditions of their plants - the GW1106. This bundle allows you to expan......

The Ecowitt WH51 Soil Moisture Sensor and GW1100 WiFi gateway makes an ideal starter set for those that wish to monitor soil conditions of their plants - the GW1106. This bundle allows you to expand your equipment over time and build a modular weather station with full internet access.

The GW1100 WiFi gateway is USB powered and also has builtin temperature, humidity and barometric pressure sensors for indoor readings.  The gateway has these sensors on a wired probe so that they can be kept away from sources of heat which would skew readings.

This data, along with the Soil Moisture sensor data is uploaded to the Ecowitt service via WiFi and can be viewed on the App, or on the Ecowitt weather website.

Adding primary weather sensors allows you to share your data further afield with free access to the UK MetOffice WoW service, Weather Underground, WeatherCloud and your own web server*

Unlike some other stations, the Ecowitt GW1100 can be expanded with a variety of additional sensors which currently include:

  • 1 x WH32 outdoor temperature and humidity sensor
  • 1 x WH40 self-emptying rain gauge sensor
  • 1 x WS68 wireless anemometer with light and UV sensor
  • 1 x WH57 lightning sensor
  • 1 x WH45 PM2.5/PM10/CO2/temperature and humidity all-in-1 sensor
  • Up to 8 x WH31 multi-channel temperature and humidity sensors or 8 WN30 temperature sensors
  • Up to 8 x WH51 soil moisture sensors
  • Up to 4 x WH41 / WH43 PM2.5 air quality sensors
  • Up to 4 x WH55 water leak sensors
  • Up to 8 x WN34 soil or water temperature sensors
  • Up to 8 x WN35 leaf wetness sensors
  • Future sensors are also under development

*All of these are available to view in the App, or online via and in the 3rd party websites that support these sensor types.

  • GW1100 WiFi gateway, 868MHz (UK/EU approved)
  • Cable clip for sensor
  • WH51 soil moisture sensor
  • Instruction manual via electronic download and printed quick start leaflet

GW1100 WiFi Gateway with USB power

  • 3 Built-in sensors
    • Temperature (-10°C - 60°C; resolution: 0.1°C)
    • Humidity (1% ~ 99%; resolution: 1%; accuracy: ± 5% )
    • Atmospheric pressure sensor (300 – 1,100 hPa ; accuracy: ± 5 hPa)
  • Configure gateway WiFi via web browser
  • Configure additional sensors options via web browser including calibration
  • Publishes sensor data to Internet based weather services including
    • Ecowitt weather data service:
    • WeatherCloud
    • MetOffice WoW
    • Only sensor data supported by each specific service will be uploaded
  • View historical records from your sensors
  • View all current sensor data on the live dashboard
  • View historical records, and graphs on service website. Historic records can also be exported in Excel format
  • Wireless Range from external sensors: 300ft / 100m (in open areas)
  • 868MHz UK and European frequency
  • GW1100 gateway is USB powered (power supply available separately)

The manual for the GW1100 WiFi Gateway is available by clicking here.

WH51 Soil Moisture sensor

  • Moisture Range:0~100%; Resolution: 1%
  • 0%AD setting range:70~200; Initial value:70
  • 100%AD setting range:0%AD+10~1000; Initial value:500
  • Transmission distance in open field: 100m (300 feet)
  • 868MHz UK and European frequency
  • Sensor reporting interval: 70 seconds
  • Power: 1 x AA LR6 Alkaline battery

A copy of the WH51 Soil Moisture sensor manual is available by clicking here.

    Important Tip:

    1. Do not push the sensor into stoney or rocky soil. If the soil is too hard and dry, the sensor can easily be damaged.
    2. Design for testing soil ONLY.
    3. It is recommended to totally insert the sensor into the soil and keep it in place for 2 to 3 minutes to get an accurate reading.


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