Oregon Scientific Weather Station with Alerts (BAR208HGX) Weather Spares

Oregon Scientific BAR208HGX Weather Station with Alerts

Manufacturer Oregon Scientific


The BAR208HGX (Eclipse) Weather Station with Weather Alert, combines a wireless weather station with a radio controlled clock and calendar. This wireless weather station brings you all the...

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The BAR208HGX (Eclipse) Weather Station with Weather Alert, combines a wireless weather station with a radio controlled clock and calendar. This wireless weather station brings you all the vital weather information you need to plan your day.

The Weather Alert feature shows you at a glance to expect heat, fog, frost, rain or wind whilst the easy to read temperature display lets you know how warm or cold it is indoors and outside.

The radio controlled clock receives a signal from the atomic clock making it always accurate and automatically updating for the start and end of British Summer Time.

  • Indoor temperature and humidity measurement with trend
  • 3 channels for outdoor temperature and humidity measurement with trend
  • Weather forecast with pressure trend
  • Weather warning message:
    • Heat
    • Fog
    • Frost
    • Storm
    • Wind
  • Ice Alert with Green LED blinking indication
  • 1 x Console in black
  • 1 x Splash proof sensor with 30m transmission range (THGR511)
  • All Batteries included
  • 12 month warranty
  • Dimensions     185 x 45 x 90 mm
  • Case colour    Black
  • Mounting options    Table only
  • Backlight         Yes
  • Measures Humidity    Yes both inside and out
  • Measures Temperature          Yes both inside and out
  • Moon Phase    Yes
  • Weather Alert Alarms            Yes
  • Weather Forecast       Yes
  • Weather Forecast Icons         Yes
  • Radio Controlled Clock for UK / EU / USA reception.   Yes

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  • Can Additional sensors be purchased with this

    Yes, for a limited time we are offering the THGR511 sensors in bundles with this weather station. These can also be purchased at a later date.

  • The top half of display has disappeared, only shows black dashes. I have changed the batteries inside display unit, and outside unit but that's made no difference. It is only about 2 years old. There is no light flashing on outside unit. I would be grateful for your help, thank you

    We would suggest the following in an attempt to revive a failed Oregon Sensor where the LED does not flash.

    Remove the batteries from the unit and place in a warm dry spot for 48 hours to ensure it is thoroughly dried out as they are only splash proof.
    After 48 hours, give the battery contacts a rub with something slightly abrasive to ensure that they are clean.
    Slide any switches in the battery compartment back and forth a few times and then return to their original positions.
    Pop the battery back in and then tell the display to ’search’ for the sensor once again if the LED starts to flash..

  • Is the outdoor sensor waterproof

    The temperature / humidity sensors are splash-proof for Oregon and also other manufacturers using this style. They have some ventilation holes as part of their design to allow for air circulation giving improved readings so cannot be classed as totally waterproof. The manual with the product offers advice on sensor placement for the best readings.

  • I’ve had this weather station for many years, the outside temperature does not show anymore on the main unit, it’s just 2 black dashes. Do you think this is a problem with the outside box? If so can I purchase the box separately? Kind regards June Simner

    Good afternoon June. Does the red LED blink on the outside box once a minute?

  • Hi, How do I select different channels on the master unit (I see there are 3) for different external sensors? Thanks

    Either the left arrow can be used to select between 3 sensors, or the MEM and down arrow can be pressed and held for 3 seconds to start automatically cycling through each sensor in turn.

  • How do I alter the time - an hour back to be in line with the end of British summer time?

    In the rear of the battery case there is a small switch which needs to be set in the UK position. Then, press the reset button in the same compartment to force the console to restart and lock onto the UK time signal.

  • How do I obtain a manual

    A copy of the manual for the BAR208HGX can be found here https://www.oregonscientificstore.com/manual/BAR208HGX.pdf

  • Does this product come with outside sensor.

    Yes, one temperature/humidity outdoor sensor it provided with options to purchase more if required. To prolong the life of the outdoor sensor these should be placed in an area where it won't get rained upon directly as they are only splashproof.

  • I am considering buying an Oregon Bar 208HGX. I cannot find details about the positioning of the sensor in relation to the receiver, and whether the radio controlled clock is ok in the UK. Please help. Thanks

    The sensor should be within 30m of the main display, sheltered from direct rain (as they are splash proof only) and out of direct sunlight for accurate readings. The radio controlled clock is suitable for use in the UK, USA or EU with a selector switch in the battery compartment.

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