Ventus Weather Station, WiFi Internet & Colour Forecast (W830)

Manufacturer Ventus


The Ventus W830 weather station allows you to monitor your weather remotely as it uploads data to Weather Underground, Weather Cloud and also the UK MetOffice WoW service. In Summer 2019 Ventus has also added the...

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The Ventus W830 weather station allows you to monitor your weather remotely as it uploads data to Weather Underground, Weather Cloud and also the UK MetOffice WoW service. In Summer 2019 Ventus has also added the ability to upload data to the Ecowitt network and your own web server using custom settings. Beware of some very similar looking models that do not include the Internet data upload option.

Everything you need to get started is in the box and the online accounts at Weather Underground, Weather Cloud and MetOffice WoW are all free of charge. Upload to any or all of the services simultaneously. Setup your sensors, console, connect to your home WiFi using the free Apple iOS / Android App and away you go. We've never seen this feature rich technology at this price!!!

The outdoor unit supplements its battery power by also using solar power, meaning that you won't spend time changing batteries every few months and as an extra bonus, this weather station includes a 2 year European warranty as standard.

Station features:

  • Five icon colour forecast 
  • Clear high contrast charts and figures
  • Internet controlled clock for accuracy
  • Indoor temperature and humidity
  • Outdoor temperature and humidity
  • Rain measurement with date, day, week and month totals
  • Rain measurement in 0.25mm increments 
  • Rain rate display
  • Wind speed in km/h, mph, knots, m/s and Beaufort 
  • Wind direction
  • Wind chill
  • UV sensor
  • Daylight sensor for measurement in Lux 0-400k, fc or w/m2
  • Pressure measurement in hPa, historical pressure for last 12, 24, 48 and 72 hours
  • Pressure trend
  • Daily minimum and maximum values
  • Measurement alarms
  • External sensor calibration 
  • Solar powered external sensor with battery supplement
  • 2.4GHz WiFi* enabled allowing FREE data uploads to Weather Underground, UK MetOffice (WoW), Weather Bug & Weather Cloud
  • Clear illuminated display console
  • Signal strength indicator

    Included in box:

    • Console display
    • External Sensor Suite
    • Console power adaptor (must be used for WiFi uploading of data)
    • Manual (including English, Danish, Finnish, Swedish and German)
    • 2 x AA lithium batteries** for external sensor
    • 3 x AAA alkaline batteries** for console power backup
    • External sensor mounting brackets for mounting on top of your own pole (50mm diameter maximum)

      Measurement ranges:

      • Transmission range unobstructed maximum 100m (330 ft)
      • Outdoor Temperature -25C - +60C (-14F to +140F) resolution 0.1C
      • Indoor Temperature -10C - +60C resolution 0.1C
      • Outdoor Humidity 10% - 99% 
      • Indoor Humidity 10% - 99%
      • Rain 0.25mm 0-6000mm +/-10%
      • Wind speed 0-100mph (0-50m/s)
      • Light 0-400k Lux +/- 15%
      • UV Level 1  - 15 +/- 3
      • Measuring interval 16 seconds
      • Air Pressure 300-1100hPa (8.85-32.5in Hg) +/- 3hPa
      • Calibration available for accurate readings

        Upload data to:

        • Weather Underground
        • UK MetOffice WoW Service
        • Weather Cloud
        • Ecowitt Weather Network
        • Your own web server via FTP

          The console can upload data to all of the services at the same time, and our demonstration Ventus W830 data can be seen on the UK Met Office WoW site, Weather Underground and WeatherCloud via the links below:

          MetOffice WoW Service  Weather Underground VEntus W830 data  WeatherCloud Ventus W830 

          * Supports 2.4GHz WiFi only. Both the weather station and device to configure the station must be on the same 2.4GHz WiFi network.

          ** A small number of manuals specify rechargeable which is incorrect. Due to postal restrictions batteries can only be supplied with UK orders.


          Ask a Question
          • How is the outdoor sensor pack mounted?

            The outdoor sensor pack is mounted on a pole. The diameter of this should be no more than 50mm (2 inches). We recommend a television or satellite antenna mounting for this as they have many option suitable for most people.

          • What type of batteries does this weather station use?

            The sensor pack should use 2 x AA 1.5v batteries which are either Lithium or Alkaline.  A small number of manuals listed rechargable batteries which is not correct.

            The console uses 3 x AAA 1.5v batteries as a backup incase of a mains power failure.

          • How would you recommend this is mounted?

            The exterior sensor pack should be mounted on a pole with a diameter of no more than 50mm. Ideally mount the sensors at 2 meters above ground level, ideally over a natural surface (for example grass) with as little shelter from buildings as possible to gain the best wind and rain readings.

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