Mother nature can be cruel when is comes to weather station electronics, cooking then in high summer at 50C with the full sun and freezing to -10C with a harsh winter. 

At Weather Spares we've got you covered. We stock a large range of spares and repair parts across the range of weather stations. Whether it be a small plastic clip that has been broken during maintenance to a larger replacement part or sensor.

If you cannot find what you are looking for, then please do contact us and we will do our upmost to help.

Spares & Repair Parts

Ventus Small Wind Cups (W130)
Broken of damaged wind cups? This set of replacement wind cups are a direct replacement for a number of external sensor...
Ventus Rain Bucket (W830)
A replacement rain collection bucket which locks into the top of the Ventus W830 or GARNI 940 weather station external sensor suite. Please...
Ventus Wind Vane (W830)
A replacement wind vane for the Ventus W830 weather station external sensor. Comprises plastic vane and fixing screw
Ventus Wind Cups (W830)
A replacement wind cups for the Ventus W830 weather station external sensor. Also suitable for some stations from the following manufacturers: GARNI...
Ventus Small Wind Vane
Broken of damaged wind vane? This replacement wind vane is a replacement for the W266 vane used on the external sensor...
Ventus / TFA / Cresta Wind Vane - Large
Broken of damages wind vane? This replacement large wind vane is a replacement for the external sensor unit. Easily fitted...
Ventus Console Stand (W830)
A replacement desk stand for the Ventus W830 or GARNI 940 weather station console. 
Ventus Rain Gauge Debris Screen (VENT-RDS)
Suitable to replace a damaged or lost rain debris shield on the oval TFA rain gauge.  Colour is white / cream....
Ventus console power adapter (W830)
Suitable for W830 only - image representative. A EU mains power supply with a UK converter, as originally supplied with...
Ventus Rain Bucket (W266)
Broken of damaged rain bucket? This replacement rain bucket is a replacement for the W266 unit used on the external sensor unit....
Ventus External Sensor Battery Cover (W266)
The external battery cover has a unique design to stop water entering the battery compartment. This replacement kit also includes...