Ventus Wireless Weather Station with Lightning Detection & UV Sensor (W266)

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Still the only weather station available that includes lightning detection and features UV indication and a colour screen.The Ventus W266 is still the only weather station to have combined local...
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Still the only weather station available that includes lightning detection and features UV indication and a colour screen.

The Ventus W266 is still the only weather station to have combined local lightning detection and UV level monitoring built into its' external array accompanied by a clear colour display with easy to read icons, graphs and symbols. A modern Danish designed weather station that looks great on any desk.

Quick to install and setup, within the hour you will be monitoring the weather from the warmth of your home.The lightning detector warns of local lightning, recording if the lighting is getting closer, overhead, or moving away along with a selectable 15 / 30 / 60 minute strike count. The intensity of the storm is also recorded with the number of recorded strikes in a selectable period. The lightning strikes are also recorded in graphical form for a visual representation of whether the storm is intensifying of becoming weaker over time.

The UV sensor, which is a premium feature on some stations, measures the dangerous UV level also offers warnings on expose time and a level history via a bar graph.

The external sensor suite which includes the above sensors, also measures wind direction, wind speed, external temperature, humidity and rainfall. It can be mounted on a building, wooden post or a suitable pole and transmits its data up to 100m to the indoor console. Additional consoles can also be added to the W266 external sensor array so that you can view the weather in multiple rooms around the house.

The console includes a backlit 6" (15.5cm) colour display is desk standing and runs from a combination of mains adapter and standard AA batteries. The batteries in the console act as a backup power supply if the mains fails or the console is unplugged. A number of measurements are displayed simultaneously and the clock is radio controlled for accuracy with a time-zone setting for UK time. All measurements can be changed between imperial, metric and meteorological where appropriate. For our European customers we are able to supply this unit with an EU power supply instead of the UK one normal supplied.

Supplied with:

  • Indoor colour console screen with stand
  • External sensor suite with basic fixings for pole mounting
  • Choice of UK 110v/230v power adapter or 230v European for international purchasers
  • International instructions (including English)
  • Batteries included for UK customers


    • Radio controlled clock with date and alarm (12/24 hour)
    • Locally calculated weather forecast display with icons for next 12/24 hours.
    • Barometric Pressure (hPa, mb, InHg, mmHg)
    • Temperature - Indoor (0C - 50C) / Outdoor (-20C -60C) (C / F selectable) resolution 0.1C
    • Ice Alert
    • Humidity - Indoor / Outdoor (both 20% - 99% RH) (C / F selectable) resolution 1%
    • Dew Point - Indoor / Outdoor (both 0C to 60C) (C / F selectable)
    • Rainfall - Daily / Weekly / Monthly / Accumulated (mm / inches selectable)
    • Wind Speed (0 - 67mph) - Average in 2 minute period / Maximum 10 minute gust (km/h / mph / m/s / Beaufort / knots selectable)
    • Wind Direction - over 2 minute period
    • Lightning Sensor and alarm - Inter Cloud and Cloud Ground detected up to 30km / 18.5 miles (km / miles)
    • UV Index - range 1 to 15 with skin type setting for exposure calculation
    • Backlight settings - on / off / short period
    • Power - console 230v mains power with UK or EU adapter and 3 x AAA backup batteries / sensor station 4 x AA batteries
    • Sensor range 100m (228 feet) reduced through obstructions
    • Standalone unit - no external data connectivity
    Although this unit measures both lightning and UV radiation, it should not be used for the protection of property or life. For best wind, lightning and rain detection we recommend mounting the main sensor at an exposed site. An optional sensor is also available for those customers requiring temperature and humidity readings from a less exposed area.



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