We offer a range of complete weather stations from a number of leading manufacturers including Davis Instruments, Oregon Scientific and Ventus to name but a few.

Many of our stations are able to take readings which can be submitted to the BBC Weather Watchers website and some can even submit readings automatically to online services including WeatherUnderground, UK MetOffice and Windy.com Whatever the weather station you are looking for we have something that should suit you. Use the price filters and feature icons find exactly what you need. 

Complete Weather Stations

TFA Seasons Wireless Weather Station (35.1150.01)
Fancy a change? The weather station SEASON creates variety, as the weather image changes not only with the weather forecast....
TFA Sky Wireless Weather Station (35.1152.01)
What’s the weather? With just a glance at the weather station SKY, you immediately get the picture. Weather symbols show...
TFA Klima @ Home 3 Channel Temperature Station (30.3060.01.IT) New
TFA Klima @ Home 3 Channel Temperature Station (30.3060.01.IT)
At least two thirds of a person’s lifetime are spent indoors. Whether we feel well and comfortable indoors depends to...
TFA METEOTIME FIESTA Weather Info Centre (35.1130.01)
The "METEOTIME FIESTA" Weather Info Center provides you with a professional weather forecast for the current day and the next...
TFA RAINMAN Digital Wireless Rain Gauge (47.3004.01)
With the "RAINMAN" wireless rain gauge, rainfall amounts can be easily and accurately measured. This is an important information for...
TFA VIEW 3 Transmitter Weather Station (35.1142.01)
Monitor 4 temperature and humidity measuring points simultaneously with the "VIEW" wireless weather station. So you can see at a...
TFA METRO Large Screen Weather Station (35.1125.02)
What time is it and what’s the weather like today? With a glance at the very clear display of the...
TFA Anemometer BEE (42.6003.13)
The handy anemometer "WIND BEE" by TFA is the ideal tool for all sailors, kite surfers and outdoor enthusiasts. "WIND...
TFA WeatherHub Observer Starter Kit (31.4012.02)
Details Starter set for use with WeatherHub Observer web monitoring system, consisting of a temperature humidity transmitter, gateway, power adapter and...
TFA DROP Wireless Rain Gauge (47.3005.01)
With the wireless rain gauge DROP, you will be informed about three reading values at the same time: the rainfall,...